I loved the idea of taking a week away from my own life and focusing on serving others.

I love visiting other countries so to be able to combine that with making a difference was an amazing thing to me. Additionally, I wanted to see the historical sites that I have researched in Grade 10. I was nervous about the labor work as I am not very strong but I approached the project work with an appreciation and humbleness for what the people have been through. The political and social issues we read about are real life for these people. Working in teams made the work more manageable because we could rotate and take breaks often. I worked closely with people I don’t normally do so it was nice to push myself out of my comfort zone.

I had an amazing time. The trip was spectacular and one that I will remember for the rest of my life. The Camp was awesome and the expedition leaders were so much fun. The temples we got to see were so beautiful. I loved seeing the temples from far away because you could tell how big and impressive they are. It was beautiful and awe inspiring.

I think that although I have gained a lot from this trip I was also able to put my own worries aside to help others. I really believe we made a lasting impact on the family’s life by providing them with a toilet and a well which will give clean drinking water for years to come. I think the way Camps International is organized not only supports the locals but helps them support themselves by hiring locals and teaching them important skills.

There have been so many highlights, one specific think I loved was just getting to know the locals, especially the kids. I loved the moment when we all sand and danced together. Another general highlight has been just getting to know the students who I don’t normally talk to in school. It’s been nice to have fun, laugh, talk and bond.


 Lucy  (Abu Dhabi, UAE)