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Volunteering Abroad

We all know that the world faces huge challenges, but together we can make a real difference. At Camps International we believe that by working together with local communities across the globe we can find the best way to effect positive change.

We’re not about hand-outs or flying in and out when we feel like it – we’re committed to change through action.

Here’s your chance to be part of something very special. Join one of our unique volunteer abroad programmes and work with us and our communities around the world to transform lives – including your own.

Whether you’re looking to embark on a gap year trip before, during or after university, take a few weeks away from work but avoid the package holiday crowds, go on a once in a lifetime adventure with your family or use your vocational skills to make a difference, check out our volunteer programme options to find your perfect fit.

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We hope you choose to make your mark in the world with us.

medical volunteering

Healthcare Volunteering

Be part of a remarkable two week Healthcare volunteering programme in rural Kenya. Use your vocational skills to change the lives of rural communities who otherwise don't have access to ..read more.

family volunteering africa

Family Volunteering

This trip is designed especially for families who want to explore an exciting part of the world, while contributing to volunteer projects that improve the environment and enhance the quality ..read more.

camp tanzania

Camp Tanzania Tanga 2 Weeks

Camp Tanga is a coastal paradise with lush palm trees and warm sea breezes. Located alongside a local community, you'll really make a difference to their lives during your short ..read more.

camp peru

Camp Peru Colca 1 Month

Experience the Peruvian way of life in the stunning Andes mountains.  You'll stay in two of our camps during your month in Peru, both rural and rustic, with jaw-dropping views. ..read more.

machu picchu trek bucket list

Camp Peru 2 Months

The ultimate Peru experience. Mighty mountains, deep canyons, bustling cities, floating villages, vast lakes and Machu Picchu. Need we say more? Make a real impact on the communities that you'll be ..read more.

camp ecuador amazon

Camp Ecuador Andes & Amazon 1 Month

Make the mighty Amazon Rainforest your home. Immerse yourself in the traditions and culture of the local community and make a measurable difference to improving their quality of life. Get ..read more.

camp cambodia

Camp Cambodia 2 Weeks

There's nowhere quite like Cambodia for culture and community. Spend your two weeks experiencing life in peaceful Camp Beng Mealea, on the edge of lush green paddy fields and Camp ..read more.

borneo jungle trek

Camp Borneo Jungle 2 Weeks

You'll spend your two weeks in traditional Camp Tinangol in north west Sabah, located alongside the rural village of the same name. You'll be truly immersed in the local culture ..read more.

sports coaching volunteering

Community Sports Coaching

Develop your sports coaching and leadership skills whilst inspiring young people through sport in rural Kenya on our Community Sports Coaching Programme. You will be involved in every aspect of sport ..read more.

hospital volunteering

Hospital Outreach

Our new programme is aimed at providing much needed support to Msambweni Hospital in Kwale County, Kenya. The hospital is situated in an area experiencing high levels of poverty, they ..read more.

east africa

East Africa 2 Months

Spending a month in both Kenya and Tanzania, you'll make a huge impact on the rural communities that you will live and work alongside. A warm welcome will greet you at ..read more.

gap year

Camp Borneo Island 2 Weeks

Arrive by boat on to your paradise island home in the South China Sea, Camp Mantanani. Blue skies, towering palm trees, crystal waters and piles of ancient drift wood decorate ..read more.

camp borneo camp cambodia

Camp Borneo & Camp Cambodia 3 Months

From the tropical shores of Mantanani Island to the mystical temples of Angkor Wat, become part of Southeast Asia's vibrant culture on this action packed 3 month volunteer programme. You'll ..read more.

camp borneo camp cambodia

Camp Borneo Island & Camp Cambodia 2 Months

Can't decide between visiting Borneo and Cambodia? You don't have to. Experience both of these gems of Southeast Asia on our two month programme. You'll make a measurable impact in both ..read more.

camp cambodia

Camp Cambodia 1 Month

Mystical temples, untouched jungles, tantalising street food and the kindest of people, Cambodia is a vibrant cultural melting pot. During your month you'll experience life in peaceful Camp Beng Mealea, on the ..read more.

camp borneo 2 months

Camp Borneo 2 Months

For the ultimate Borneo experience, stay in all four of our camps, immersing yourself in the heart of each community. You will work on projects that make a measurable impact ..read more.

camp borneo island

Camp Borneo Island 1 Month

Arrive by boat on to your paradise island home in the South China Sea, Camp Mantanani. Blue skies, towering palm trees, crystal blue waters and ancient drift wood decorate the ..read more.

borneo jungle trek

Camp Borneo Jungle 1 Month

Rich culture, delicious food, rare wildlife, warm people, ancient jungles and pristine beaches. The state of Sabah, may be small, but it certainly packs a punch. Live and work alongside ..read more.

camp ecuador 2 months

Camp Ecuador 2 Months

True Ecuadorian adventure awaits on our 2 month programme. Soak up the laid back coastal vibes of the Pacific coast at Camp Costa, experience life surrounded by the mighty Amazon ..read more.

camp ecuador

Camp Ecuador Pacific Coast & Amazon 1 Month

Soak up the laid back vibes of the Ecuadorian coast and experience the mighty Amazon Rainforest. Make a difference to the local communities by working on projects that are really ..read more.

camp ecuador camp peru

Camp Ecuador and Camp Peru 3 Months

One of our most popular programmes, you get to experience the very best that Ecuador and Peru have to offer. The Amazon Rainforest, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, the Pacific Coast, ..read more.

camp peru

Camp Peru Titicaca 1 Month

Based on the shores of the world's highest navigable lake, Titicaca, you'll be living and working alongside rural Peruvian communities. Work on projects focused on improving their standard of living; we ..read more.

camp tanzania 2 months

Camp Tanzania 2 Months

Spending two months in Tanzania means you get to experience life at both our breezy coastal Camp Tanga and rural Camp Kidia in the foothills of Kilimanjaro. You will make ..read more.

camp tanzania one month

Camp Tanzania Tanga 1 Month

Camp Tanga is a coastal paradise with lush palm trees and sea breezes. During your month in Tanzania you will make a measurable impact on this welcoming rural community. Work on improving ..read more.

camps international

Camp Tanzania Kidia 1 Month

Nestled in the foothills of the mighty Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest peak - lies Camp Kidia. During your one month programme you'll make a positive impact on this rural community. The people here will ..read more.

camp kidia 2 weeks

Camp Tanzania Kidia 2 Weeks

Nestled in the foothills of the mighty Kilimanjaro - Africa's highest peak - lies Camp Kidia. During your two week programme you'll make a positive impact on this charming local community. The ..read more.

east africa 3 months

East Africa 3 Months

This is our longest programme option and it's the one to go for if you want to make maximum impact on the communities that you'll be living and working alongside. ..read more.

camp kenya 1 month

Camp Kenya 1 Month

One month in Kenya gives you a real insight into this wonderful country full of culture, wildlife and epic landscapes. Settle into your new African homes, Camp Muhaka, set within ..read more.


Camp Kenya 2 Weeks

You won't believe what can be achieved during your two weeks in Kenya. Settle in to your new African home, Camp Muhaka is a charming bush camp set within a small ..read more.

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