So, your exams are done and you’re taking a much-needed break before or after university. Maybe you’re looking to boost your CV with real life lessons. Or perhaps you’re just looking for an impactful way to invest your free time. Whatever the reason you want to take a gap year, we offer gap year volunteer programs that will present you with life-enhancing experiences and connect you with a global network of people that transcends geography.

We are part of the culture, offering you the real world in real time and enabling you to become a true global citizen. Our camps are based in some of the most incredible locations in dynamic, exciting countries across Africa, Asia and South America. We are 100% integrated within real communities so you’ll be part of their culture on your gap year volunteer program, not on the edge of it. You’ll trade stories, ideas, customs, beliefs and wisdom with people completely different to you.

gap year programmes that make an impact

How you’ll make a difference

You’ll get to experience a number of our camps on your volunteer gap year program, getting to know and make an impact on the community that each camp is located alongside. Before we set up a new camp we meet with the heads of each village, listen to their needs and draw up mutual objectives that will benefit the community, local wildlife and surrounding environment.

This model means that you get to work on the volunteer projects that each community believes is needed. We don’t run pointless projects and are dedicated year round to making a positive impact. We don’t fly in and out when we feel like it, at Camps we are committed to change through action.

We own our own camps and they’re staffed by local people, bringing employment to areas that would not normally benefit from visitors. In some areas one salary supports ten family members.

The projects you’ll work on on your volunteer gap year program will focus around community, wildlife and the environment. We run over 100 projects at any one time. You’ll find details on the sort of projects you will be involved with on your chosen program page. Expect to be improving local schools, building new homes, planting trees and protecting wildlife.

What people say

My favourite thing about Camps has to be their enthusiasm to get you stuck in to as many adventures as possible. Dan – Peru
Marz, Larissa
I absolutely loved my time in Kenya - the people I met were amazing, the country is just incredible, and Camps really made my time there unforgettable! Larissa – Kenya

The Camps Experience

From the white sand beaches of Borneo, to the mystical temples of Cambodia, the steamy Amazon Rainforest to the vast wildlife reserves of East Africa, the adventures with Camps are endless. We’ve been running gap year volunteering programs since 2002, so we have perfected the art of providing life changing experiences for our volunteers. Our Camps Crew will support you from the moment you book with us right through to touching back down at home. Everything is taken care of when you book with Camps; our awesome local team will meet you at the airport, ensure you’re in the right place at the right time and keep you safe, fed and watered throughout your stay. All you need to think about is creating life long memories, making a big difference to other people’s lives, and even your own!