Kenya Savannah Conservation

Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary is an 80,000-acre wildlife haven that lies between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks in southeast Kenya. The sanctuary is home to more than 50 species of large mammal, many of which are endangered, including elephants, Grevy’s zebras, cheetahs, lions and African wild dogs. There are also more than 300 species of birds residing in this important wildlife haven.

The sanctuary faces continuous challenges from climate change, ivory poachers, illegal deforestation and human activity. The human population surrounding the sanctuary is rapidly increasing (around 20,000 people live on the sanctuary borders) and competition between people and wildlife for precious resources such as water, food and space is fierce. The sanctuary is in urgent need of constant restoration and protection if rare wildlife is to continue to flourish here.

Your key focus will be monitoring and tracking changes to the critical savannah biome. You will use a wide range of scientific methods as part of a holistic research effort, covering key ecosystems and working with enigmatic species. The data you help to collect will form part of a long-term collaborative study which will be used to provide valuable insights, helping local communities manage the natural environment and protect ecosystems.

Methods will include:

  • Collecting physical samples from natural environments
  • Surveying, classification and taxonomy of local species
  • Providing insights and management strategies for local people and authorities
  • Monitoring activity and populations of local wildlife

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Kenya Savannah Conservation

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The impact you will make


Hands-on scientific research (Tsavo)

Watering Hole Number Two

You will become part of a global monitoring effort to help track changes to the critical savannah biome.

Working alongside NGOs, impassioned conservationists and local communities, you will be undertaking scientific methods on long-term monitoring programmes. The data you gather can be used by policy makers to help protect the area and some of the planets most enigmatic species.

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Camp Tsavo

Camp Tsavo gives you the chance to experience life in the real African wilderness. Surrounded by the picturesque Marungu Hills that lie between the world famous Tsavo National Parks, this area is famed for its wildlife and the neighbouring Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary plays an important role in providing a safe haven for elephants, lions, cheetahs and other amazing animals.

The camp itself is situated in the heart of the charming local village, where you will experience  authentic African culture and hospitality so welcoming that you won’t want to leave.

Location: 130 km (3-4 hours drive) from Mombasa Airport, 355 km (6-7 hours drive) from Nairobi Airport

Accommodation: Traditional bandas & tents with comfy mattresses & bedding. Modern showers & sinks

Power: Mains electricity backed up by generator (between 18:30 – 22:00). British 3 pin power sockets

Phone Signal: Intermittent

Meals: Three healthy, well balanced and tasty meals a day e.g. toast, sausage and omelette for breakfast; pasta, chicken stew/curry with chapatis and veg for lunch/dinner & fruit

Signature dish: Pilau (Swahili local food)

Social: Camp fire, football pitch, small bar & gift shop, town nearby


camp tsavo

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